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 The Main Hardware Of Computer

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PostSubject: The Main Hardware Of Computer   The Main Hardware Of Computer I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 14, 2011 3:36 pm

Have you ever know what is inside your computer? Computer is a complex device that contains various hardware and each of them has different function. As a computer user, you need to understand about the hardware which work together make computer become a complex device.

Currently, 6 kinds of hardware are consisted in a computer but some advanced computers have a few more hardware. This article will explain the name of every components and their job in a computer system. I will explain step by step from the lower point based on their function.

1. Power Supply Unit

Power supply form is like rectangular box that stores power to the other hardware. Its position is commonly on the corner of CPU. To find it, take a look on the back of computer where it is linked with the power cable.

Current power supplies come with 50 watt increments, for instance 350 watts, 400 watts, 450 watts, etc.

2. Motherboard

Motherboard is the brain of a computer, also known as mainboard and system board. All hardware are connected to motherboard and through it, these hardware are work together.

3. Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU is the very important component. Its basic function is running all of computer programs. Sequence of numbers representing the programs which kept in computer memory.

It is also controlling and operating the other units operations in the computer system. Each hardware has their own specifications and these specifications are calculated to generate computer system performance. The faster the performance, the faster the data access while using computer.

CPU performance is also measured based on processor speed in gigahertz (GHz) which has developed more than 3.8 GHz nowadays.

4. RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is a data storage form. There are different types of RAM with various speeds. When pay money for a RAM memory, you should select the compatible type with your motherboard so it can work properly. The higher RAM installed in your computer, the better speed will be delivered by the computer.

5. Hard drive

Hard drive is a place to store entirely data in a computer includes game applications, software, operating system, etc.
Recently, hard drive capacity size is getting larger along with the size of data and more than 1 TB capacity of internal hard drive has been made-up. With that large hard drive capacity, you抮e able to store a large amount of information without being afraid the hard drive is full.

6. Cooling fan

The louder smooth noise heard when you use computer is coming from cooling fan. The cooling fan helps the computer system temperature keep in low level. Without it, the temperature is easily to get hot since the heat generated by the other hardware while they are running. It gets the heat out of the CPU in order to make computer works well in secured temperature.

For additional hardware, external hard drive is an individual hardware separate with those six components. This external device is must-have computer accessory since it can be a backup device for your valuable files and it is easy to taken handy because of its lightness and portability.

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PostSubject: Re: The Main Hardware Of Computer   The Main Hardware Of Computer I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 13, 2013 9:02 pm

Good one that can be used in the hardware of a computer.
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The Main Hardware Of Computer
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