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 Information About Features Of Speaker Cable

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PostSubject: Information About Features Of Speaker Cable   Information About Features Of Speaker Cable I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 4:26 pm

Some of the modern speaker cables consist of two electrical conductors insulated by plastic. They are identical electrically but are marked by the color of the wire, a ridge on the insulation of one wire or a thread in one wire in order to easily identify the correct polarity.

The speaker cable is used to make electrical connection between the loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. Like the other linear electrical component, the speaker cable has three components such as capacitance, resistance and inductance that determine its performance. There would have been no capacitance, no resistance and no inductance if the cable was perfect. The perfect speaker cable is short in length so that its resistance decreases as its length decreases in all the conductors. The resistance is the property which has the most effect on the performance of this type of cable whereas; the inductive and capacitive characteristics of this cable are considered small as compared to the loudspeaker. This type of cable is useful for home use only if its resistance is maintained less than 5% of the speaker抯 impedance.

The quality of the speaker cable can be determined by its construction, price, convenience that it provides and also its aesthetic purpose. The standard wire is more flexible than the solid wire which can be used for movable devices. This cable will result in more consistent conductive properties if good purification of the oxidizing material like copper is used throughout the length of the cable. If the cable wire is less chemically reactive with the conductor, then it is easy to pull a group of such cables.

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Information About Features Of Speaker Cable
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