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 Modem Or ADSL Router, How To Make The Choice

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Modem Or ADSL Router, How To Make The Choice Empty
PostSubject: Modem Or ADSL Router, How To Make The Choice   Modem Or ADSL Router, How To Make The Choice I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 10, 2011 3:58 pm

By "ADSL modem" we mean the device which connects to the internet through a phone line. A modem supplies connection to at least one computer via net or USB wire. The router is a device which simultaneously "distributes" the connection to a certain number of computers.
This delivery can also be made wireless: in this case the router is generally called "Access Point Wireless". Please note that, being its task not to execute the connection, but to distribute it, a router commonly needs a modem to get the internet connection. ADSL modems with integrated router are available and widespread.
What we find in a store
Be careful: in stores are available different kinds of devices only apparently similar (to non-experts).
* Modem ADSL Used to access the internet, it connects to a computer through a network cable or an USB wire.
* Modem ADSL with HUB (integrated router) Used to access the internet, it can distribute the connection to a number of computers through network cables.
* Access point Wireless Used to distribute a connection coming from an existing modem to a number of computers, wireless.
* Modem ADSL with integrated Access Point Wireless Connects to the internet and at the same time distributes the connection to a number of computers, wireless.
We recommend to be careful when buying ADL modems and routers because, even if bearing technical specs printed on the package, they can be easily mistaken and buying an Access Point Wireless being convinced it works also as an ADSL modem, is a mistake much more common that one would think.
Phoning with internet (VoIP)
Besides ADSL connection, many providers supply the opportunity to phone via internet (VoIP). If you intend to use this service, there are 3 possible ways: Using a preset router (VoIP router) connected to a normal telephone device. Using a "VoIP" telephone (very expensive) connected to a simple router through a network cable. Using an adapter, which connects a standard telephone device to a standard router (VoIP adapter).
Choosing with no hesitation
Eventually, when purchasing an ADSL modem for domestic or SOHO (small offices) use, we highly recommend a modem with integrated Access Point and a 4 or more ports hub which will allow wireless navigation and give the possibility to share the connection through network cables. In addition, with a hub it's possible to use VoIP adapters, should you want to utilize VoIP internet phone service.
As regards the ADSL connection, the provider might offer a choice between Ethernet router and USB connection. OK, always choose Ethernet connection cause an USB modem cannot be connected to a router and a great number of services, today as yesterday, require a router to function.
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Modem Or ADSL Router, How To Make The Choice
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