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PostSubject: Electric Paper Technology Tomorrow抯 Paper_2.   Electric Paper Technology Tomorrow抯 Paper_2. I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 18, 2011 3:34 pm

According to Judy Rodrigrues with Greenpeace International:

揙ur aim is to obtain a society-wide understanding of the requirement to cut wasteful paper use and help both big and small consumers to take action to make real savings.? br />

On Summer 09, 2008, about forty five European non-governmental, environmental organizations launched a project to deal with the excessive consumption associated with paper. They invited individuals as well as corporate paper users to produce a pledge to reduce usage of paper at the website they created for this function, shrinkpaper. org.

About 42 per cent belonging to the lumber produced worldwide goes into pulping as well as paper production.

If we can get rid of the need for paper down the road, we can greatly slow up the rate of deforestation. Growth of electronic paper engineering, such as the automated ink introduced by At the Ink Corporation, will take us closer to a greener future. Let抯, on this page, have a look for the electronic paper technology and the progress.

What Is Digital camera Paper?

Unlike LCD, BROUGHT ABOUT, or CRT display strategy, electronic paper technology attempts to achieve the clarity, contrast, and simple viewing of normal paper while on an electronic display.

The technology behind electronic digital paper is thirty years of age; it was developed in Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Exploration Center). Nicholas K. Sheridon of Xerox PARC created a whole new display technology known simply because Gyricon (Greek for 憆otating picture?, which became the basis in the modern e-paper technology.

The optimal modern electronic paper really should have high contrast like ordinary paper and low energy consumption; it should be thin and light in addition. The electronic paper display (EPD) can be so light that it is usually folded or curled, even though still retaining the graphic. Also, the EPD ought not lose the image regardless of whether power supply is not available. These concepts were employed in the production of this type of products as Fabric COMPUTER from Fujitsu, which is known as a notebook computer utilizing digital camera paper display; it is amazingly lightweight and not without difficulty damaged.

Electronic Ink Concept

At the forefront regarding electronic ink display know-how are two companies桬 Ink Corporation of Cambridge, Massachusetts (recently acquired by Best View International, Taiwan) along with Xerox (through its part, Gyricon Media) of Palo Alto, Florida.

E Ink抯 display technology is already in widespread use such devices as Amazon Kindle, Sony Viewer, iRex iLiad, and all kinds of other e-book readers.

E Ink抯 electronic ink uses a kind of clear liquid plastic with numerous microcapsules, which are tiny (at almost the diameter of 1 of our hairs) spherical objects. The microcapsules incorporate white-colored and black-colored french fries. The white chips will be positively charged and black colored chips are negatively billed. This electronic ink is coated on an ultra-thin plastic sheet containing a small printed circuit board. This circuit can selectively send out positive and negative charges on the pasted e-ink, making your chips move, thus transforming the display.

Electronic Cardstock: The Future

Businesswire recently reported that this electronic reading devices can have an increase in manufacturing from 1. 1 trillion units in 2008 to be able to 20 million units on 2012. The cumulative once-a-year growth rate, according to help you iSuppli analyst Vinita Jakhanwal, is about 105 per cent.

The development of automated paper technology quickened because public became fond belonging to the new e-book reading devices. The Oprah Winfrey Demonstrate endorsed Amazon Kindle, along with Oprah called it 慼er popular gadget? making Kindle very well liked among book readers. Electronic Ink Corporation and Excellent View International together aid about 20 e-book gadget manufacturers, including Amazon and even Sony. According to Electric Book Readers, introducing e-ink technological innovation into home use, institution curriculum, library facilities, and business use offers a win-win scenario with benefits to be had at all angles.

The biggest drawback involving computer display is that it must be not remotely as readable as paper; it抯 too bright which enable it to strain your eyes. This is why why people still favor printed paper. On the additional hand, electronic paper looks much like paper. The technology will drastically change how people will be reading through books. You can have small-scale handheld readers with hundreds and countless books, readable as exactly as a normal printed arrange.

Tomorrow抯 books will under no circumstances be damaged. Once that readers become universal, traditional printing are going to be history. You can download the books you acquire directly to your readers, and that can get you huge savings in period and money. The delivery of newspaper and magazines also are in a new way梕lectronically.

The electronic ink is not only just printable on plastic systems, but it can end up printed on normal wall space, your tee shirts, tablecloth, and basically any surface. Thus, down the road you can change your wallpaper along at the click of a switch.


The most important benefit of electronic paper technology is that paper won't be needed, and bushes needn抰 be cut regarding paper production. Thus, electronic paper will lead us closer to a better, greener entire world.
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Electric Paper Technology Tomorrow抯 Paper_2.
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