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 IBM @ 100 However Young and Vibrant.

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IBM @ 100 However Young and Vibrant. Empty
PostSubject: IBM @ 100 However Young and Vibrant.   IBM @ 100 However Young and Vibrant. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 1:51 pm


Established from the year 1911, IBM possesses celebrated the 100-year everlasting nature of its founding upon June 16, 2011. To help celebrate the milestone, this company today released a e book, "Making the World Are more effective: The Ideas That Shaped a century and a Company", debuted the latest film "Wild Ducks" (http: //www. vimeo. com/watch? v=ksQrJh7s7N0) and marked this anniversary by ringing the Opening Bell for the New York Stock Change.

During its first one, IBM has played a number one role in transforming company, science and society. The company's history sometimes appears as a succession in key milestones.
Chairman on the Board, President &amp; TOP DOG Samuel J. Palmisano claimed, "For IBMers, long-term thinking means continually moving towards future, IBM has survived and thrived for 100 years by remaining true to the core values, while being wanting to change everything else. It's allowed us to improve technology, business and contemporary society through our first hundred years, and we believe it will eventually enable us to achieve all the more in our second. inch


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Shankar Annaswamy, Coping with Director, IBM India Non-public Limited, said, "It has become an exciting journey intended for IBM in India. Beginning with just a small workplace, we have grown becoming a microcosm of the IBM Companie with presence and management across all segments. Once we move ahead towards a further century, we will take in advance this legacy of development and growth and keep contribute to the financial state and society in The indian subcontinent. "
One of this oldest living IBM alumni, Luis Some sort of. Lamassonne, is 105 yrs . old and resides in Las vegas, Florida. He joined IBM for 1933 and worked for the company for 38 quite a few years, rising to become a strong executive in Latin The states. Reflecting on IBM's Centennial currently, Lamassonne said, "IBM has always been among the finest companies. The company is special with the people. I have faith of which IBM will survive for many people more years, for a different century. "
IBM Of india, as part of that centennial celebrations, will align itself into a unique global initiative when IBM employees worldwide may significantly increase their service into their local communities. Over 50 per cent on the employees will pledge at least 8 hours of voluntary service each and work together with over 100 NGOs engaged in a variety of community programmes.
Additionally, IBM will supply grants worth US$12 million to back up the Celebration of Company globally, with a area of this grant being given in India in addition. Some of the major community initiatives would be volunteered by IBMers within India.
For More Highlights See
www. varindia. com
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IBM @ 100 However Young and Vibrant.
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