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 General audience DLP Projector Lenovo T288 Fresh Listed.

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General audience DLP Projector Lenovo T288 Fresh Listed. Empty
PostSubject: General audience DLP Projector Lenovo T288 Fresh Listed.   General audience DLP Projector Lenovo T288 Fresh Listed. I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 13, 2011 1:09 pm

The fresh product Lenovo T288 DLP projector with the help of Lenovo's first capsule dirt technologies, the prevention connected with dust, sand, smoke on the optical channel, the effect of this projector dust raised for a new level. T288 integration of TI recent image processing technology plus PHILIPS DDP2430 new low-power high-performance lights, with a rich strong, excellent brightness and coloration performance, as government, instruction, business and entertainment marketplace, mainstream XGA projector will set a different technology benchmark.
Lenovo designed the projector ray first capsule technology to increase the projector optical resources less dust interference, to be certain better color and brightness performance from a more lasting, maintenance-free longer and longer service life of your projector.
TI uses a good solid generation of DDP2430 digesting chip with integrated ADC analog data and digital signal change processing, using 30 bit digital algorithm are designed for a maximum pixel number signal to 165Mhz, maximum compatible resolution of WUXGA, very high number reached 1. 07 billion contend with color color enhancing the actual brightness and color involving expression, bringing even far more clear and smooth persona results.
Bright new age bracket of 6-color wheel, to help promote strengthen the color saturation, more accurate color counsel. Color wheel speed to help 7200 rev / min, reduce the rainbow consequence, the dynamic performance on the more subtle color filter, live. PHILIPS latest age bracket of E20. 9 light, by shortening the mileage between electrodes, increasing typically the pressure mercury vapor low-power high-performance, power output per watt bulb upgrade over the previous generation greater than 15%.
Lamp drive outlet board for software regulate, according to the distinctive color segment color wheel to regulate the lamp voltage waveform, effectively add to the optical efficiency of space wheel. Ceramic base, the fresh Sapphire electrode material, warm lamp cup lamp lifetime in standard mode, five, 000 hours to 5, 000 working hours under power saving manner. Lamp structure to put into practice modular design, the outer bulb while in the projector plate to take care of the superstructure Department.
Users will not remove the projector hanger opened the cover for bulb eradication, cleaning, installation and supplement, saving time and toil. With VIDEO, S-VIDEO, LAPTOP IN 1, COMPUTER THROUGH 2, AUDIO IN, LAPTOP OUT, AUDIO OUT, 12V DC OUTSIDE so rich input, expenditure interface, you can easily connect many playback and display tools, so that shows wealthier. With the DC 12V production ports, allowing users towards easily display with handheld transmission equipment, computerized alert wireless transmission, the external usb peripheral devices, it are able to facilitate the provision with power.
The Edit Short review is: Lenovo projector is the utilization of advanced technology, superior device quality and attentive expert service, in-depth market segments and various needs of customers every one areas, while seeking to stick to a more differentiated advantages breakthrough that allows you to gain industry experts and users taken a superb evaluation.
The launch of your Lenovo T288 projector unit, with the almighty electric power of 10, close the dust design and value of your service, will certainly possibly be government, education, business and entertainment industry users however ages.
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General audience DLP Projector Lenovo T288 Fresh Listed.
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